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Paternity DNA Testing

Paternity DNA Testing

What is Paternity DNA test?

A paternity DNA test provides the genetic proof that a man is the biological father of a child. Everybody's DNA is unique except in the case of identical twins. Everybody inherits their DNA from their parents. By comparing the father's DNA with a child's DNA, the paternity DNA test can confirm or reject the relationship with certainty.

Why is Paternity DNA test conducted?

Some of the cases where paternity DNA testing is requested are listed below:

  • To ensure that father's sperm egg was used by the IVF clinic
  • To rule out possibility of swap of baby in the hospital
  • Lack of husband's trust on the wife
  • A lady trying to understand who is the real father
  • Inheritance purposes e.g. siblings trying to find real father for inheritance
  • Required by immigration authorities in some cases
 Why do people get paternity DNA testing done in India?

Paternity DNA test and other relationship DNA tests can be used as legal evidence for parental rights, inheritance claims, immigration, and other circumstances when proof of blood relationship is required. The procedure for legal relationship DNA test is prescribed by the court. The test that we conduct are generally the family's own knowledge.

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Whose samples are required for Paternity DNA test?

To determine paternity relationship, the samples of the alleged father and the child are needed. The requirement of mother's sample is optional. Participation of mother helps in data analysis but DNA paternity tests done with mother's sample are equally accurate.

How accurate is paternity DNA test

Paternity DNA testing is considered very accurate. It can indicate that a man is a father with over 99.9% accuracy while is can refute a man is a father with 100% accuracy.

How is DNA extracted for Paternity DNA test

DNA is present in most cells in our body. DNA specimen can be taken from blood or from buccal swab. Sometime DNA can also be drawn from hair ends, tooth brushes and other items of personal nature.

What is buccal swab?

A buccal swab consists of a cotton head attached to a wooden or plastic stick. The sample is collected by rubbing the cotton head on the inside of the cheek and putting it back in the container. For paternity DNA test samples for both the alleged father and the child are required. The laboratory can extract the DNA from buccal swab and compare the DNA's in the samples to determine relationship.

How do I get the process started

To get the DNA testing process started, please call 8882668822 and discuss your options with one of our DNA experts. We have a large collection network across the country. You can go to the centre for specimen collection or collection can be arranged near your home or work place.

Can the Paternity DNA Test be done before the child is born?

Yes, you can take a paternity DNA test before the child is born. LabsAdvisor offers non-invasive prenatal DNA Paternity Testing service to those who wish to find out paternity during pregnancy. The testing results have the same accuracy as the test done after the child is born.

How long does it take to get the results once the specimen is collected

It takes about 5 to 10 working days to generate your DNA testing results after all samples are collected.

What are the formalities for the testing

An id proof will be required for the people who are getting tested. A consent form will need to be signed by the legal guardian for minors.

Do you maintain complete confidentiality?

We understand that undergoing a paternity test is a very emotional process. Our experts are proficient in the process and will guide you well. We ensure complete transparency and even the counsellor will not be privy to the final results. Only the technicians who do the testing will know about the results. We do not store these reports on our portal.

How do I interpret the Paternity DNA test results

In a standard paternity DNA test, if the alleged father is not the biological father, that is proved with 100% accuracy. If the alleged father is the biological father, that is proved with 99.9% accuracy.

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