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Non-invasive Prenatal Paternity Test / Non-invasive Prenatal DNA Test

Non-invasive Prenatal Paternity Test / Non-invasive Prenatal DNA Test

What is non-invasive prenatal paternity test?

Non-invasive prenatal paternity test or non-invasive prenatal DNA test can help ascertain whether a man is the father of a child /foetus even before it is born. The current advances in DNA technology have made this possible. Mother's blood starts getting traces of foetal DNA post 8 weeks of pregnancy. Hence, by taking the mother's blood sample, DNA of the foetus can be checked and compared to the DNA of the alleged father.

What is the difference between the invasive and non-invasive procedure?

An invasive test requires the foetal fluid to be drawn from the mother's womb. There are certain players in the Indian market who are selling invasive paternity tests. Invasive paternity test may be cheaper in the first look but its implications are so much that one should completely avoid invasive testing. The problems with invasive test are:

  • Foetal fluid is required to be taken out form the body of the pregnant lady (which is why the procedure is called invasive), which has 1% probability of accidental abortion.

 Why do people get paternity DNA testing done in India?

  • The pregnant lady has to get admitted to the hospital and only a trained gynaecologist can perform the procedure to take out foetal fluid which increases the costs of this procedure significantly.

  • The test can only be performed after 20 weeks into pregnancy which means that if the results are negative, there is no family planning opportunity under the Indian law.

Hence, we strongly advise against the invasive testing procedure. If the cost for non-invasive prenatal paternity test is high for your means, it is better to get the test done once the baby is born.

Why do people want to test for paternity while still pregnant?

The reasons are multi-fold and include husband's distrust of wife, a lady not being sure of who is the father and sometime reasons may relate to legal issues.

How accurate is non-invasive prenatal paternity test?

It is more than 99.9% accurate.

When can non-invasive prenatal paternity test be done?

Any time after 8 weeks of pregnancy

How safe is the procedure for the mother and the baby?

The procedure is completely safe. As only blood is being drawn from the mother's veins, this test is similar in risk to any other blood test.

What samples are required for the test?

Mother blood sample is required. For the alleged father, the blood sample is the best way to conduct the test. However, buccal swab or other biological samples like hair and semen stains etc. can also be accepted.

Do you maintain complete confidentiality?

We understand that undergoing a paternity test is a very emotional process. Our experts are proficient in the process and will guide you well. We ensure complete transparency and even the counsellor will not be privy to the final results. Only the technicians who do the testing will know about the results. We do not store these reports on our portal.

How do I get the process started?

To get the prenatal DNA testing process started, please call 8882668822 and discuss your options with one of our DNA experts. We have a large collection network across the country. You can go to the centre for specimen collection or collection can be arranged near your home or work place.

Why should I use LabsAdvisor.com's services?

There are many DNA labs or marketing companies in India who are trying to sell DNA tests. While it is difficult to comment on how others operate, we do our own assessment of the lab and ensure that only the best quality lab is proposed to you. We have the interest of the customer as our primary concern irrespective of the lab which conducts the tests. Hence, we can be an honest advisor and a support during this perhaps emotional process for you.

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