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Labs for Bone Scan in Bengaluru

Test Detail

Bone Scan in Bengaluru:

Instruction 1: Anyone with known allergy to the tracer should also inform the doctor beforehand. If you had a Barium enema recently, do give a gap of four days as barium may interact with the tracer and give false result. <br/>

Instruction 2: Remove all your jewelry and any metal objects on you before going for the test. The whole procedure may take 7-8 hours, so make preparation accordingly. <br/>

Instruction 3: Drink lot of water and keep emptying your bladder after the procedure so that the tracer does not accumulate in your body and is get ridden off quickly. <br/>

Description :
A bone scan is a nuclear imaging test done to look for changes in bone structure. It is normally advised if you have unexplained bone pain or swelling for a long time.

In this procedure, a radioactive tracer is injected into your body through IV. This radioactive tracer breaks down after some time and radiates gamma rays. A scanner will scan the gamma rays emitted and then create images accordingly. The radiologist will study the images and hand you a report.

At the radiology center, you will be asked to remove your jewelry and may need to change into a lab gown. A nurse will check for your blood pressure and will put an IV cannula in your arm. Radioactive tracer will be injected through cannula and you will be asked to wait for 3-4 hours. After that you will be taken to the scan room and asked to lie on a table. The radiologist will use the gamma scan machine to take images of your bone. You must lie very still and move only when asked by your radiologist.

The procedure is painless. The amount of radioactive tracer injected is very small and is excreted by the body in 24 hours.

Pregnant ladies should avoid bone can, as radioactive tracer may be harmful for the fetus. Breastfeeding mothers should also consult the doctor before undergoing the test.

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